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IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the amount of each mineral listed on our products is the elemental form (the actual amount of the mineral) rather than the combined form (both the mineral and what it is combined with), which is what some other companies list. See "Common Misconceptions" for more information.

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Betaine Hydrochloride BETAINE HYDROCHLORIDE (HCL) - PY110104-03
90 Capsules (638mg) (30-Day Avg Maintenance Supply)
Many more Americans suffer from a lack of stomach acid (achlorohydra) than suffer from too much acid. The symptoms of too little acid can easily be misinterpreted as having too much acid. Supplementing extra acid during a meal can aid in digestion. Take 1 capsule before each large meal.

Price: $11.50
Intestaide INTESTAIDE™ (Human Digestive Support)
30 Servings (300 grams) (30-day Avg. Maintenance Supply)
This product is designed to provide intensive to support the function of the digestive system itself. If the intestines are not functioning at their best, dietary and supplemental intake will not provide the body with the necessary nutrients. This product contains L-Glutamine, FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), soluble dietary fiber, and N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine. It is covered by our Results Based Guarantee. More Product Info

Price: $47.95
90 Tablets (30-day Avg. Maintenance Supply)
Many conditions can be related to an individual's lack of ability to properly digest the food that is eaten. If a person has a problem completely breaking down food, it can result in food allergies, migraines, fatigue, heartburn, and many others. This product contains several enzymes that break down dietary fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Take 1 tablet before large meal.

Price: $20.50

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