Cancer occurs in the bodies of all humans and animal every day. The different types of cells in your body wear out and are replaced at different rates depending on what their jobs are. The cells that line your intestines are replaced every 4-7 days while nerve cells may take years. Your cells divide into two different new cells in order to replace cells that are damaged or destroyed in the ordinary workings of daily life. The cell that is dividing has internal signals that cause that cell to collect nutrients, make extra DNA and RNA (the molecules that store the information that tells a cell what it is and what it needs to do), and signals that tell the cell to stop dividing. The process of reading the genetic information and translating it correctly takes the proper functioning of many different pathways. Cancer is the result of the improper replication of normal cells. Cancer cells usually have problems with the signaling that tell the cell to stop dividing. Cancer cells may or may not appear normal otherwise. The replication of cancer cells may be slow or fast. If the cancer cells multiply and invade other tissues, it is called malignant. If the cancer stays in the tissue where it originally came from, it is called benign.

As stated above, problems with cells dividing improperly happens thousands of times every day. A normal immune system that has all the essential nutrients it needs has the ability to find the cells that have mutated (changed from the normal cell it was supposed to be a copy of) and remove them before they get out of hand. However, there are many things that our bodies need that are not in the foods we eat regularly. In addition, there are many viruses, chemicals, pollutants, and other molecules that our cells are being exposed to that increase the chance of a mistake being made during cell division. These substances are called carcinogens. A group of molecules called oxygen radicals are produced in the body when cells have been damaged. These radicals can seriously damage DNA as well as almost anything else they touch. Antioxidants are substances that can neutralize the harmful oxygen radicals.

Supplementation with a variety of antioxidants can help the body be better equipped to remove the harmful radicals as well as strengthening the immune system in its fight against infections. To ensure proper functioning of cell division, supplementation of all the necessary nutrients is definitely recommended. The proper functioning of the body can be thought of as a chain that needs all its links to be strong. If you choose to supplement only one or two nutrients, the chain will be missing some of its links. A proper supplementation plan includes supplementing the correct amounts and ratios of all essential nutrients. In our review of various products we have not found any better antioxidant or mineral trace mineral supplements than those found in the Complete Formula™ products.

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