Research has shown that nutritional deficiencies can cause some viruses to change from being harmless to a form that can cause disease. Researchers have known for a long time that a person's immune system can be less effective if it does not have the nutrients it needs, but we also now know that if key nutrients are missing from a person's diet, the virus itself can take advantage and change its own structure so that it is more harmful. The viruses studied are the types that cause cardiomyopathy. These viruses are RNA viruses, the same type as influenza, Ebola, and HIV. Twenty million people are infected with the non-harmful (benign) form of the virus that causes cardiomyopathy and are unaffected. However, people who are deficient in the essential mineral selenium or Vitamin E can develop heart muscle disease called cardiomyopathy. This disease can be halted and reversed when the person supplements their diet with selenium or Vitamin E.

These types of viruses are basically pieces of RNA, genetic material that tells cells what products to produce. The RNA of the viruses tells the person's own cells to make more viruses. The benign form of the viruses cause more viruses to be made at a slow enough rate that the person's immune system can keep them from causing noticeable damage. Viruses change form when part of the RNA is copied incorrectly. This can happen when either the original being copied or the copy itself is damaged. This new piece of RNA with only a very slight change is a completely new virus that can do things the original could not. In a cell that does not have enough antioxidants (substances that protect cells from harmful oxygen radicals), the chances that an error will occur when a virus is being copied is greatly increased. The more chances there are for errors to occur, the more chances there are that a malignant (harmful) form will emerge. Proper nutritional health through supplementation of the essential nutrients can lower the chances of mutations as well as supporting the immune system to rid the body of the infections that are present.

The proper functioning of the body can be thought of as a chain that needs all its links to be strong. If you choose to supplement only one or two nutrients, the chain will be missing some of its links. A proper supplementation plan includes supplementing the correct amounts and ratios of all essential nutrients. In our review of various products we have not found any better antioxidant, mineral, or trace mineral supplements than those found in the Complete Formula™ products.

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