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American diets are deficient in many things, but energy is not one of them. As Americans have become busier, their eating habits have changed toward eating more convenient foods that have pleasing tastes. Most of the foods that fall into these categories, fast foods and prepackaged foods, have very high fat and sugar contents with little mineral, trace mineral or vitamin levels. As a result, our bodies tell us to keep eating after our energy requirements have been met because it knows that there are essential nutrients missing. Instead of consuming a balance of all the nutrients our bodies need, we are taking in excess energy that is stored as fat, and we are still short of many micro-nutrients.

Most people will find that when they supplement the essential micro-nutrients, such as those found in our Complete Formula™ products, they will be less hungry than they used to be. Two of the minerals that have been well documented to aid our bodies deal with the energy we take in are chromium and vanadium. These nutrients help the energy we eat go into the muscle instead of into fat storage. This lets the working tissues go longer without being refueled. The result is you feel less tired and less hungry. If you listen to your body and eat less when you are less hungry, you will stop gaining weight, and if you are overweight you should start to see a reduction in your weight.

The Complete Formulas are an excellent way to supplement the essential nutrients needed for proper functioning of the body, especially energy regulation. Selected MD's Choice products should be part of a complete weight reduction program designed to slowly and safely reduce weight.

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