Store FAQs

Why has the store and shopping cart been changed?

We were notified around the first wee of October that the 'eCommerce' (store) option we used for over twenty years was 'going out of business' (don't know if it was an illness, death in the family, divorce, retirement, legal issues, or just burned out). But on October 25th, 2019, they closed down thousands of eCommerce accounts forever. No reason, just a couple weeks warning, and a list of about 3 or 4 options that were 50 to 500$ per month to JUST HAVE A STORE. We were scrambling to 'get something' that would work, would be 100% secure, and easy to use.

We had dozens of links on pages, on multiple domains, some of which we might not yet have caught (all of). If you see a link that isn't working, PLEASE LET US KNOW.

After a couple weeks, it seemed (to us) the quickest, least expensive, and best solution would be employing PayPal's 'cart' system, at least until we find something that makes more sense. It does lack a few things we really wanted, but it really is one of the most secure carts on the internet. While it's not cheap (about 3.125% off the gross sales amount, including shipping) it should work well on mobile devices and all variety of computers, until (and unless) we can find something significantly better.

Over the years, we've found PayPal to be BUYER FRIENDLY, generally flexible, and usually pretty easy to use. Please feel free to give us your feedback after trying our new cart options.

You don't have to have a Paypal account, but there may be more options if you do. They deal with all common credit & debt cards, as well as direct bank transfers, and sometimes even monthly payments (depending on your credit, the amount, and your account). Of course we still take credit/debit cards over the phone, and checks from customers with acount history. There are NO PROFESSIONAL OR RESELLER discounts available online; Sorry, but if you are a reseller or doctor, or professional, you'll have to call, fax, or email your orders in to us for the discounts... or go through one of the distributors, like Covetrus).

We wanted something secure, safe, and easy. If you prefer to pay in a different way, you are welcome to call us directly during our usual business hours. If we have a credit card on file, you can email or fax your order also. Of course, if there are any questions, we'll let you know.

Are my orders secure?
Absolutely! The paypal shopping cart is highly encrypted and on servers that are far more secure than any we can maintain ourselves; all of your information from our site is transmitted to them through a very secure encrypted method.
Where is the login button?
There is no login button for OUR site... there is a guest option for the PayPal check out, or if you look at the URL (address line in your browser) PayPal will ask you for your login (user name & password) to THEIR SITE. We do not... and you won't see the 'log in' (for paypal) until you go to check out.
Where is my account information?

Our new store does not have or maintain any customer information 'on line' - so your credit cards, banking, user name, etc. is 100% safe on our website(s). WE DO NOT SAVE ANY SUCH INFORMAITON ON OUR WEB SERVERS!

When you click ADD TO CART, you will immediately be REDIRECTED to YOUR paypal account.

From there, you'll have a few options:

~ change quantity of an item,

~ remove an item

~ CONTINUE SHOPPING (option is link in upper right corner)


~ CHECK OUT AS GUEST (not with a paypal account).

If you choose the 'guest option' - you will be asked to fill in your name, address and other necessary information; and that will have to be done each time you place an order.

IF, however, you have a paypal account already (or set one up), once you are 'verified' - you'll only need your user name and password... you can add or remove funding options, change or even have multiple ship to addresses, and sometimes even qualify for zero interest monthly payments when the purchase amount is above a certain level. (This great for some of our horse people.that want to take advantage or the 6+1 or 10+2 deals... and those taking advantage of the FLAT RATE SHIPPING).

You will be able to access online orders THROUGH YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT, if you have one... for information regarding previous orders you placed with us (that were paid through paypal). If you paid in a different way, they will NOT have those records. If you bought from a different reseller, or doctor, we will not have those records.

If you have any questions about orders, dosing, or products, please call us at 1-800-628-0997.

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